About Me

Born in Arundel, England 1964, I've spent a lifetime studying various artistic mediums from fine art and sculpture to an extensive career as an a la carte chef spanning 20 years.

In the early 1990s I decided on a change of career, specifically in marquetry. (It might sound strange but years before I'd shown an interest in veneering a box I'd designed and been introduced to marquetry and veneer supplier), for years I remembered this meeting. 

As luck would have it one phone call and position came up for a marquetry maker and designer straight out of the yellow pages (fate lent a hand).

Sometimes you just know you'd be good at something and I was willing to work for free. In a short space of time I secured a paid position. Over the next 10 years worked my way up to one of the best known makers and designers in the business.. Along side this I completed a 2 year cabinet making course. My work included everything from design to restoration and marquetry panels of every description..

Armed with my marquetry skills I took on a business partner who was an old school cabinet maker and antique dealer. For the next 6 or 7 years I learned some amazing skills from a master.

We specialized in restoration and took on clients such as English Heritage among many private clients. We also bought and sold antique furniture and were known as the people who could restore the pieces nobody else could.

In 2006 I was challenged to make a 1/12th scale miniature by Dollshouse world magazine who happened to be based a few yards from my front door. This indroduction led me into the world of miniatures. Sadly due to poor eyesight, my business partner couldn't follow me down this road so we went our separate ways but are still good friends.

The skills I've learned in antiques have been very useful to me in miniatures as I've handled many period pieces and have a good working knowledge of how they were put together.

As a maker I constantly strive to learn new techniques and am tireless in my pursuit of perfection in miniature.